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BioModeling Solutions, Inc.

    • Has been registered with the American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) as an approved PACE provider since 2009.
    • Has been registered with the FDA since 2011.
    • Provides educational information and courses for doctors, dentists, orthodontists and other medical and dental professionals.
    • Provides a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Service.
    • Is committed to ongoing research and development by publishing research papers in the peer-reviewed medical, dental and orthodontic literature.
    • Provides online training for doctors on how to diagnose and treat patients using pneumopedic® and craniofacial epigenetic protocols.


Dr. G. Dave Singh DMD PhD DDSc

DDSc Orthodontics, Dundee University, UK
PhD Craniofacial Development, Bristol University, England, UK
BDS Dental Surgery, Newcastle University, England, UK
Validated as Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), University of Puerto Rico, USA

Dr. Dave Singh is the Founder of the field of pneumopedics and craniofacial epigenetics, including epigenetic orthodontics, having realized a few years ago that there is a natural way for the body to remodel the upper airway, develop bone and move teeth into their correct positions painlessly without the use of braces, surgery, drugs or injections. Dr. Dave Singh was born, educated and trained in England, UK


Mrs. Amanda Wyatt

Joined in 2015
Amanda Wyatt is the Accountant for BioModeling Solutions, Inc. She combines several years of experience in public, non-profit and private accounting to provide quality accounting and services to our customers. While living in Eugene, Amanda received her degree in Accounting with a minor in Criminal Justice. She was born and raised in Oregon, where she developed a love for the camping and the outdoors. She now resides in Beaverton with her husband and their two dogs

Graphic Design

Ms. MacKenzie Deragon

Joined in 2015

MacKenzie Deragon is the Graphic Designer for BioModeling Solutions, Inc. MacKenzie has enjoyed a lifelong love for art. She started her career as a Graphic Designer in 2013 when she began taking over the graphic design projects at her previous job. MacKenzie also successfully runs her own small Fine Art operation in her free time. Before deciding on a career in art MacKenzie studied Biomedical Engineering and has a great appreciation for medicine, dentistry and research.

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